Educational Opportunities


The following experiences supplement the theoretical and practical lab work requirements:

Lecture Series and Seminars
Predoctoral researchers are expected to attend the Stowers Institute's Lecture Series. The Lecture Series brings renowned scientists from around the world to the Stowers Institute to give talks about a variety of scientific topics.
The advisor may require a predoctoral researcher to attend other seminars throughout the year.

Science Club
Predoctoral researchers are expected to attend a weekly Science Club where the Institute’s junior scientists present their research. Following the Friday Science Club, attendees gather to interact and share scientific experiences.

The Graduate School participates in the Crossroads program at Stowers. Crossroads exposes pre- and postdoctoral researchers to discussions about career options and assists in preparation for their next career move. Crossroads sponsors seminars with outside researchers and representatives from industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations; provides assistance with curriculum vitae preparation and interviewing skills; creates opportunities for predoctoral researchers to make presentations about their research to groups of peers and/or advisors; and is a vehicle for interaction and collaboration among junior scientists. Crossroads hosts an annual Young Investigator Research Day for pre- and postdoctoral researchers, which gives them the opportunity to present their work in lectures and posters.

Scientific Meetings
The Graduate School pays the travel expenses for predoctoral researchers to attend a scientific meeting or course each year.

Predoctoral researchers with an interest in teaching may, with their Thesis Committee's consent, serve as teaching assistants either in the first-term modules or in courses taught by faculty. However, teaching is not a requirement of the program.