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The Graduate School is housed on the 10-acre campus of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. Lectures occur in conference and seminar rooms in the 600,000 square-foot facility, and laboratory work takes place in various laboratories and core facilities.

The Graduate School's administrative offices are in a central location within the Research Buildings. The area contains a comfortable space with wireless access in which predoctoral researchers can meet, exchange ideas, and socialize. Also in the area are a kitchenette for snacks and beverages, a conference room, a place to practice scientific talks, and a workroom with printers and office supplies.

The Stowers Institute's Library provides an organized and readily accessible collection of materials and information needed to meet the institutional, instructional and individual requirements of the predoctoral researchers and faculty. Its holdings include over 300 electronic journals, a vast print journal archive and over 400 field-specific books. Inter-library loan, document delivery, poster printing, and software training are all available in-house.

Predoctoral researchers may exercise in the Stowers Institute's fitness center, which is open 24 hours a day. Also available to predoctoral researchers are indoor and outdoor recreation, such as volleyball, basketball, bocce ball, badminton, yoga, fitness classes, and Zumba. Predoctoral researchers may walk through or relax in the fountain garden on the west side of the campus.