Understanding “Hope Shares”

As a Hope Shares owner, you have invested in our “Hope for Life” effort. As an owner of Hope Shares, you will:

  • Become personally involved in the long-term effort to provide Hope for Life—a better life for everyone
  • Be remembered forever for your contribution to research because your gift keeps on giving
  • Be informed of how your Hope Shares are contributing to the scientific effort each year
  • Receive regular statements from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research so that you can follow our progress
  • Receive an annual “Hope Shares Statement,” informing you of:
    • The amount invested during the year
    • Your total investment
    • The present value of your Hope Shares
    • The amount you are contributing to scientific research this year

To establish a Hope Shares account, contact:

Hope Shares Coordinator
Phone: 816.926.4065