Affiliated Organizations

Jim Stowers Jr. founded American Century Investments in 1958 to help people improve their financial position. The small firm he started has grown into a leading, global asset management firm, serving financial intermediaries, institutions, and individuals.

In an unparalleled act of generosity and with their personal fortune, Jim and his wife, Virginia, founded and endowed the Stowers Institute for Medical Research and BioMed Valley Discoveries.

Jim and Virginia envisioned that the Institute would give rise to new insights into the processes underlying health and disease. To translate foundational research findings into potential cures, they established BioMed Valley Discoveries, a clinical state biotechnology company focused on addressing unmet patient needs across a wide spectrum of diseases.

Together, these organizations aspire to fulfill our founders’ vision of connecting health and wealth for the good of all.

Life Science,Hospitals &Academic InstitutionsPursuing collaborative opportunities to develop therapeutics and medical diagnosctics to address unmet medical needsProviding institutional money management for retirement plans, endowments and foundationsApplying the Stowers Institutes foundational research to advance medical discoveriesMore than $1.8 billion in dividends distributed to the Stowers Institute for Medical Research




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