A Look in the Lab at The Stowers Institute for Medical Research

An introduction to basic research.

Basic biological research generates diverse knowledge about life’s processes. This overview video shares the story of how several basic scientific discoveries about DNA enabled the development of a widely used treatment for a prevalent human disease, and provides a look into the Molecular Biology Facility and its focus on modern DNA research and technology.


How is synthetic insulin produced?



Why use bacteria to produce synthetic insulin?



New therapies and drugs such as the ones used to treat diabetes don’t happen overnight. These medical innovations are often the result of decades of curiosity-driven experimentation by dedicated scientists all around the world. By researching the fundamental mechanisms of biology, scientists make discoveries that build the scientific knowledge base. This type of research is often called basic research.

Other researchers who are interested in addressing specific issues related to health and disease figure out how various “puzzle pieces” of scientific knowledge fit together to craft new medical advances that alleviate particular problems or conditions, such as diabetes. This is the goal of applied research.

And that is why basic research is considered the bedrock of most clinical success stories that improve our lives.


Are human and bacteria DNA compatible?



New molecular tools push the boundaries of basic research at the Stowers Institute.