Crossroads is an Institute-wide organization that strives to broaden the interaction between all constituencies of the Stowers research community through career development and networking events.



Crossroads sponsors integrative experiences such as the annual Crossroads Research Conference, Career Exploration Day, and a scientific image, data visualization, and video competition. It also organizes a variety of professional development workshops.

Crossroads activities are organized by a volunteer committee comprised of postdoctoral and student representatives, as well as faculty and scientific staff.


Crossroads Research Conference

This conference showcases the current research being conducted at the Institute. Spanning two days, the Institute-wide event provides ample opportunity for our investigators, researchers, and students to present their work to their peers. The conference consists of scientific talks and poster presentations and features an external keynote speaker.

Career Exploration Day

This all-day event highlights a variety of scientific career paths. Invited speakers discuss their career trajectory and experiences. The day includes speaker presentations, advisory workshops, CV review, and casual roundtable discussions with speakers.


Roundtable Discussions

The Roundtable Discussions provide Crossroads members an opportunity for freestyle discussion of timely events and topics related to science and science careers. Topics include subjects like career balance, new scientific technologies, and high-impact scientific papers.



Professional development workshops aim to enhance critical skills such as oral presentation, resume writing, networking, and manuscript writing. Led by experts in their fields, the goal is to help participants learn best practices and gain confidence as scientific presenters and communicators.

Scientific Image Competition

While scientific images convey valuable data to researchers, their simple beauty may transcend the information they contain and transform them into objects of art. This event encourages researchers to submit images and videos produced in the course of their daily scientific work to a competition that celebrates the visual beauty of the images. Winning entries are featured in various publications and exhibits.

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