Crossroad activities are organized by a volunteer committee of postdoctoral and student representatives and include career development events and other activities on campus.

Crossroads Events


Professional Development Day


This event is an all-day event that is organized for the Crossroads community which includes postdocs and students. Its purpose is to exhibit career paths that require a PhD and to provide insight into invited speaker's career paths i.e. what their science was leading up to their current position and a glimpse into the daily life of that position. The day consists of the following:

  • a 30 min presentation from each of the 6 speakers asked to participate
  • advisory workshops for current scientists interested in a specific speakers career path to get feedback on their own CV
  • round-table casual discussions for our scientists to learn more about the speaker and/or current employer


Young Investigators Science Retreat

In an effort to showcase the current research being conducted at the Stowers Institute, the Crossroads Student and Post-doctoral Association hosts the Stowers Young Investigator Science Retreat. This retreat is institute-wide and spans two days. It allows our Private Investigators, researchers, and students to present their work to their peers. The retreat normally consists of the following:

  • usually two external keynote speakers
  • PI talks
  • member talks
  • poster presentations that compete for a number of awards