Candidate Eligibility

Registration through the Open University normally will be offered to students with an educational background in the United Kingdom or with an equivalent educational experience, normally with at least a class 2 (i) honours bachelor degree or its equivalent in a relevant subject or a relevant master's qualification or equivalent.

This program may also be appropriate for any student who has already acquired the advanced and specialized knowledge in their field of study and is ready to directly begin lab-based research. For US-educated students, this is likely to require a Masters qualification or three or more years of independent research experience.

All students have to undergo a rigorous interview process.

Research proposals must be submitted to the Research Degree Coordinator before an offer is made to ensure that it is likely that the student and project will meet the Open University standards.

Applicants who are not from a majority English speaking country or have not completed a degree in the UK or in a majority English speaking country, must supply evidence of their English Language competence. Academic staff should satisfy themselves that the candidate’s level of English language is sufficient for PhD study, i.e. the equivalent of iELTS level B2 level or above in all 4 components (Listening, reading, writing and speaking).

For more information, please contact:

Leanne Wiedemann, Ph.D.
Research Degree Coordinator
LMW at

or send a letter to:

Leanne Wiedemann, Ph.D. 

Research Degree Coordinator
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
An Affiliated Research Centre of the Open University
1000 50th St 
Kansas City, MO 64110