Affiliated Research Centre of the Open University
The Open University provides access to online training and development resources to registered students and their supervisors. The Research Degree Coordinator assists the students and supervisors to explore and utilize these resources.

Successful review of skills and progress on a development plan is required for every Ph.D. student in the Open University program. Working through the online materials allows student to evaluate their current skills and propose a development plan to further refine the skills important for a successful career as a research scientist. The information below will help guide students through this process and demonstrate their successful achievement of your skills.

Annual reviews of the required skill set should be performed prior to completing the probationary or annual report to the Open University. Achieved developmental milestones and a plan for the upcoming year should be incorporated into the appropriate sections of the report forms (prepared either prior to probationary review, and annually thereafter, at the end of February of each year until submission of the thesis).