Postdoctoral Research - Grants & Fellowships

Stowers research teams are well funded and can support a number of pre- and postdoctoral positions. However, we encourage eligible postdoctoral researchers to apply for fellowships to advance their careers and secure outside funding for their research projects. By applying for outside funding while working as a postdoc, applicants gain valuable grant writing experience with the benefit of having a mentor to provide guidance. Receiving a competitive fellowship award is a mark of distinction and an important step toward independence for young scientists. Successful applicants are rewarded with additional benefits to recognize their accomplishment.

Grants Administration at the Stowers Institute provides support for all grant related matters from pre-application advice up to submission and financial reporting of the grant. The office maintains a list of fellowship opportunities for postdocs (internal link only).

International Postdocs
Grants Administration maintains a list of selected funding opportunities for international postdocs since many funding agencies have very specific citizenship requirements. International postdocs should check with funding agencies in their home country, many of which offer fellowships to pursue postdoctoral research abroad and the Immigration Coordinator to ensure there is no conflict between external funding and postdoctoral researchers’ immigration status

For more information about applying for fellowships, please contact:
Michelle Lewallen
Senior Grants and Training Manager