The Stowers Institute hosts conferences and symposia that encompass an array of research topics. The goal of these events is to bring together eminent scientists from all over the world and provide them an opportunity to explore scientifically challenging ideas. These events are often the catalysts for collaborations that result in significant scientific findings.



The Stowers Research Conferences is a series of meetings exclusively organized and hosted by faculty at the Stowers Institute. This series aims to inspire creativity, collaboration, and career development in the basic sciences.

Past Events

The Stowers Institute hosts focused symposia that each encompass a particular research topic. These symposia were organized by faculty and involved the participation of distinguished scientists in that field from all over the world.

Organized by the Stowers Conference Committee.

Organized by Jennifer Gerton, Stowers Institute for Medical Research; Francesca E. Duncan, Northwestern University; Craig Pikaard, Indiana University.

Organized by Jennifer Gerton, Stowers Institute for Medical Research; Thoru Pederson, University of Massachusetts Medical School (Photo credit: Marina Feric and Cliff Brangwynne)

Organized by Julia Zeitlinger, Stowers Institute for Medical Research; David Arnosti, Michigan State University; and Justin Fay, Washington University in St. Louis

Upcoming Events

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