Past Wednesday Lectures

March 21, 2018
Beth Sullivan - Duke University Medical Center
Genomic and epigenetic variation controls human centromere function
March 14, 2018
Mark Krasnow - Stanford University
Elucidating lung stems cells and cancer initiation at single cell resolution
March 7, 2018
Alexander Schier - Harvard University
Induction and lineage in vertebrate development: insights from zebrafish
February 21, 2018
Scott Keeney - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Breaking PAR: Sex chromosome recombination in mouse male meiosis
February 14, 2018
Richard Morimoto - Northwestern University
January 31, 2018
Amy Keating - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Designing peptides to manipulate Bel02 protein control of cell death
January 24, 2018
James A.J. Fitzpatrick - Washington University, Berkeley
Correlative Microscopy in Studies of Disease Pathogenesis
January 17, 2018
Doris Bachtrog - University of California, Berkeley
Sex chromosomes, chromatin sinks & sex-specific development & aging
December 13, 2017
Tom Misteli - National Cancer Institute/NIH
Deep Imaging of the Genome
December 6, 2017
Timothy Saunders - National University of Singapore