Past Wednesday Lectures

April 9, 2014
Michael Shapiro - University of Utah
Endless pigeons most beautiful: evolutionary genomics of Darwin's favorite birds
April 2, 2014
Carl Wu - HHMI, Janelia Farm
Dynamics of histone variants at yeast promoters and centromeres
April 1, 2014
Stefan Heller - Stanford University
March 26, 2014
James Kadonaga - University of California-San Diego
Punctilious Probing of Promoters and Prenucleosomes
March 19, 2014
William Sullivan - University of California, Santa Cruz
Wolbachia, African Riverblindness and Big Sur
March 12, 2014
Rudolf Grosschedl - Max Planck Institute
Transcriptional networks in B lymphopoiesis
March 5, 2014
William Theurkauf - University of Massachusetts Medical School
Building an adaptive genome defense system
February 26, 2014
Robert Braun - The Jackson Laboratory
Mammalian Germline Stem Cells
February 19, 2014
Joshua Levin - Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Using RNA-Seq methods for single cells and other challenging samples
February 12, 2014
James Downing - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital-Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project: Lessons learned