Past Wednesday Lectures

October 29, 2008
Chad Cowan - Stowers Medical Institute, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Modeling Disease with Human Pluripotent Cells
October 22, 2008
David Shore - University of Geneva
Exploring Mechanisms of Telomere Length Regulation
October 15, 2008
Philip Benfey - Duke University
Getting to the Root of Developmental Networks
October 8, 2008
Joel Rothman - University of California - Santa Barbara
Specification and Reprogramming of Germ Layer Identity in C. elegans Embryos
October 1, 2008
David Chao - BioMed Valley Discoveries & Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Translational R & D at BioMed Valley Discoveries
September 24, 2008
John DiPersio - Washington University
Stem Cells and T Cells: Optimizing Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation
September 17, 2008
Gordon Fishell - New York University
The Developmental Genetic Origins of Cortical Interneurons
September 10, 2008
Jodi Nunnari - University of California - Davis
The Machines that Divide and Fuse Mitochondria
May 21, 2008
William Sly - Saint Louis University
Evolving Therapeutic Targets for Lysosomal Storage Diseases
May 14, 2008
Joe Gall - Carnegie Institution
The Cell Biology of snRNP Biogenesis
May 7, 2008
Josh Kaplan - Harvard Medical School
Synaptic Signaling in C. elegans: MicroRNAs and Seizures
April 30, 2008
Cori Bargmann - Rockefeller University
Assembling a Circuit for Olfactory Behavior
April 23, 2008
Todd Stukenberg - University of Virginia
Processing Spatial Information in the Mitotic Spindle
April 16, 2008
Kevin Struhl - Harvard Medical School
How Proteins Find their Target Sites in vivo: Implications for Epigenetic Inheritance
April 9, 2008
Doug Melton - Harvard University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Pancreatic Stem Cells for Development and Diabetes
April 2, 2008
George Daley - Children’s Hospital Boston, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Customized Pluripotent Stem Cells
March 28, 2008
Blanche Capel - Duke University
The Battle of the Sexes: Patterning the Gonads
March 19, 2008
Peter Lansdorp - British Columbia Cancer Research Centre
Non-random Segmentation of Sister Chromatids
March 12, 2008
Trevor Archer - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Steroid Receptor Mediated Transcriptional Activation within Chromatin
March 5, 2008
David Mangelsdorf - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Howard Hughes Medical Center
Feast to Famine: Nuclear Receptor Control of Metabolism