Past Wednesday Lectures

September 13, 2017
Ian Willis - Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Metabolic Impact of Unrestrained Transcription by RNA Polymerase III
September 6, 2017
Eric Kmiec - The Gene Institute - Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute
Historical Development and Cellular Regulation of CRISPR-based Gene Editing in Human Cells
May 24, 2017
John Postlethwait - University of Oregon
Genomic revolutions: Antarctic fish and the teleost genome duplication
May 17, 2017
Cassandra Extavour - Harvard University
Alternative model organisms: new tools, new insights into the evolution of development
May 10, 2017
Joel Richter - University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Translational Control of Neurologic Disease
May 3, 2017
Allan Drummond - University of Chicago
How phase separation helps cells react to stress
April 26, 2017
James Briscoe - The Francis Crick Center
The gene regulatory logic of vertebrate neural tube development
April 19, 2017
Steven Pruitt - Rosewell Park Cancer Institute
DNA Replication Licensing in Genome Stability and Cancer
April 12, 2017
Chris Lowe - Stanford University
Uncoupling the evolution of morphology and regulatory networks during the evolution of nervous systems
April 5, 2017
Brian Slaughter and Jay Unruh - Stowers Institute For Medical Reseaerch
In Situ Structural Biology: Expansion, Super-resolution, and Image averaging