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Date Topic Speaker
5/10/2022 Role of genetic interaction between ciliary paralogs, Thm2 and Thm1, in postnatal skeletogenesis Erin Bumann, DDS, PhD (UMKC) & Pamela Tran, PhD (KUMC)
3/24/2022 Establishing a Pediatric Oncology Biobank to Support Cancer Research Partnerships; Evaluating centromere copy number instability in infant leukemia to identify potential prognostic biomarker Erin Guest, MD (CMH) & Alexandra Prosser, MD (CMH & SIMR)
1/20/2022 Utilizing strain echocardiography to improve our understanding of cardiac function and mechanics in congenital heart disease; Using veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) embryos to understand mechanisms and evolution of left-right patterning Daniel Forsha, MD (CMH) & Natasha Shylo Hyson, PhD (SIMR)


Date Topic Speaker
12/2/2021 SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Collaboration at Stowers; Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 antibody immunity Laura Remy, PhD and Jay Unruh, PhD (SIMR) & Todd Bradley, PhD (CMH)
10/28/2021 Single-cell and spatial transcriptomics reveal sources of female reproductive aging; Inosine RNA modifications in oocytes and reproductive aging Wei-Ting Yueh (SIMR) & Lane Christenson, PhD (KUMC)
5/27/2021 Designing high throughput genetic approaches to understand drug resistance in a human fungal pathogen; Ins and Outs of Azole Resistance in the new pathogen, Candida auris Blake Billmyre, PhD (SIMR) & Ted White, PhD (UMKC)
4/8/2021 A genetic program for hair cell regeneration in zebrafish; Leveraging the cochlear microenvironment for inner ear tissue engineering Jeremy Sandler, PhD (SIMR) & A.J. Mellott, PhD (CEO of Ronawk, LLC, KUMC)
2/4/2021 Translation in the 3’UTR?; Expediting rare disease diagnosis: bridging the gap between clinical and functional genomics Ariel Bazzini, PhD (SIMR) & Scott Younger, PhD (CMRI)


Date Topic Speaker
12/15/2020 Heat Therapy: remodeling mitochondria to improve metabolic health; Understanding metabolic disease risk by integrative genomics and epigenomics approaches at single-cell resolution Paige Geiger, PhD (KUMC) & Elin Grundberg, PhD (CMRI)
10/15/2020 Mechanisms of nucleotide selection by telomerase: implications for cancer therapy; The role of DNA damage repair mechanism in congenital anomalies Bret Freudenthal, PhD (KUMC) & Sharien Fitriasari (SIMR)
5/1/2020 Developing Pediatric Cellular Immunotherapies for Cancer in the Kansas City Region; Restoring anti-cancer immunity by teaching old drugs new tricks Douglas Myers, MD, and John Szarejko, PhD, (CMH); John Perry, PhD (CMH)
2/13/2020 Genomic Answers for Kids: Ending the Diagnostic Odyssey through Advances in Genomic Medicine; Centromeric Instability on Cancer: A tale of Gains and Losses Neil Miller (CMH) & Leonardo Gomes de Lima, PhD (SIMR)


Date Topic Speaker
11/21/2019 The potential of utilizing exosomes to address clinical challenges in Ewing Sarcoma Glenson Samuel, MD (CMH) & Jennifer Crow, PhD (KUMC)
9/24/2019 Clinical manifestations and treatment of facial neurocristopathies; Global processes and tissue specific effects: understanding the role of ribosome biogenesis in craniofacial development Brian Andrews, MD (KUMC) & Karla Terrazas (SIMR)
2/26/2019 Ribosomal DNA connections between human chromosomes; Robertsonian translocations: clinical significance and diagnostic considerations Tamara Potapova, PhD (SIMR) & Elena Repnikova, PhD (CMH)


Date Topic Speaker
12/11/2018 Role of SPECC1L Cytoskeletal protin in palate development; Function of mediator complex protein Med23 in mammalian craniofacial development Irfan Saadi, PhD (KUMC), Soma Dash, PhD (SIMR)
11/15/2018 Cornelia de Lange Syndrome or Cohesinopathy: Diagnosis in the NGS era; Persistent DNA damage in placenta impacts developmental outcomes in mouse cohesinopathy models Isabelle Thiffault, PhD (CMH) & Vijay Singh, PhD (SIMR)
5/22/2018 Of Mice and Men: Uncovering the role of rare variants in Tourette Syndrome Sarah Soden, MD (CMH) & Jay Vivian, PhD (KUMC)
4/10/2018 What can Turner syndrome teach us about mosaicism and sex bias? Joe Cernich, MD (CMH); Danny Miller, PhD (SIMR)


Date Topic Speaker
12/19/2017 What do Blind Cavefish and kids with diabetes have in common? Nicolas Rohner, PhD (SIMR) & Mark Clements (CMH)
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