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Inspired by their personal experiences with cancer and a desire to use their wealth to help humanity, James “Jim” E. Stowers Jr. and Virginia G. Stowers founded the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.


Virginia and I wanted to give back something vastly more valuable than money to the countless people who have made our lives so meaningful. It’s our greatest hope that we can return the gifts we have received through an environment of unparalleled scientific research, creating hope for life for generations hence.

–Jim Stowers, founder of American Century Investments and co-founder of the Stowers Institute



From day one, the Institute’s culture has been guided by our founders’ pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence. As staunch believers in teamwork and collegiality, they envisioned the Institute as a space that brought people together and encouraged interdisciplinary science.


While there is no one way of doing great science, we do believe that truly transformative science can only be achieved by fully engaging many diverse minds to solve very complex problems. Collegiality guarantees such synergy and focus and as such, it is an essential and integral characteristic of working at the Stowers Institute.

–Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, PhD, Investigator and Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Stowers Institute for Medical Research



Jim Stowers became convinced of providing scientists with access to cutting-edge technology because of his own experience in successfully applying computer technology to investing. The Stowers Institute’s state-of-the-art laboratory space, investment in advanced equipment, and recruitment of technology experts reflect the Stowers’ commitment to technology and teamwork. Today, more than one-third of the Institute’s scientific operating budget is devoted to staffing, equipping, and running its technology centers.

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