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Providing a first-rate scientific infrastructure and easy access to the latest technology are important cornerstones of the Stowers Institute’s philosophy. As a result, about a third of our annual scientific budget is earmarked for technology centers and scientific support facilities.


The Institute’s scientific support teams are headed by experts in their fields committed to the development, implementation, and optimization of cutting-edge methodologies and instrumentation to benefit research programs at the Institute. The size of the Institute’s research community enables highly trained scientists working in the scientific support facilities and technology centers to collaborate closely with Stowers investigators and to quickly adjust technical applications and support services to the requirements of individual labs. This not only promotes interdisciplinary research but also enables investigators to exploit readily available expertise to accelerate and expand their own research into new areas.

Research advisors

Stowers research advisors function as internal consultants on research projects requiring highly specialized technical expertise.

They work closely with scientific support teams and each other to develop and apply novel methods to solve biological problems.

The majority of research advisor-supported projects are multidisciplinary collaborations. Research advisors help manage and coordinate projects that require input from multiple labs and scientific support facilities. The level of multidisciplinary support research advisors provide to Stowers investigators is unprecedented in the academic community.

Genomics scientists

Stowers genomics scientists apply their extensive experience in both molecular biology and computational sciences to genomics-based research projects, allowing investigators to make effective use of the immense amount of data generated.

Collaborating closely with individual research groups, they provide advanced genomic expertise and analytical support as well as experimental design optimization and customized training to manage growing data volumes. Genomics scientists also develop novel genomic and computational tools to explore new approaches to extracting meaningful information from genomic data sets.


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