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Access to leaders in science

Feb 6 2020

GSSIMR predocs can get up close and personal with many of the brightest minds and most accomplished scientists in research today. The Stowers Institute Wednesday Lecture Series features scientific speakers from around the world. These lectures are open to all at Stowers as well as to our local scientific colleagues and interested public. But predoctoral researchers get an opportunity to meet and talk with these top scientists.

These meetings are a chance for our novice scientists to ask probing questions about the speakers’ own experiences during their predoctoral training and onwards in their scientific career. GSSIMR Predoc Paloma Ivon Meneses Giles explains, “As a predoc there are moments when you have doubts about your abilities. To me it is really encouraging to hear them talk about how they went through the same struggles and still managed to have a successful career. Also, it’s insightful when we discuss career paths. That’s a very important decision for every trainee and is interesting to hear them talk about how they made that decision. Each one of them has given me a new perspective on [the] matter.”