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Making the switch

Mar 12 2020

After two months in their first rotation, the GSSIMR predoctoral researchers have shifted into new labs for March and April.

For some predocs, the rotations are an opportunity to explore different types of research before selecting one for their thesis. Predoctoral Researcher Gabriel da Silva Pescador started with a developmental biology emphasis in the Piotrowski Lab but for this rotation, decided to move toward molecular biology in the Bazzini Lab. “I liked that it was a different focus than my first rotation,” he says. “And I’m very interested in the research that they do in the Bazzini lab. Really they hooked me with codon optimality.”

Others, like Sarah Gilmour, found themselves following a similar path for their second rotation. Gilmour, who worked with yeast in the Zanders Lab, is continuing yeast research in the Gerton Lab. Although the Gerton Lab works with several different model organisms, Gilmour is discovering that she likes to work with yeast. “Yeast is just a good model organism for the questions I want to find answers to,” she says.

Regardless of any similarities, each rotation offers opportunities to learn new techniques, gain familiarity with new instruments, and explore new directions in their research.


Michay Diez and Gabriel da Silva Pescador

Sarah Gilmour