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Policies and Protocols

The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research’s policy library contains the full text of official polices and protocols approved by the Board of Directors, the Faculty Governing Council, and/or other administrative means. The policies and protocols may be reviewed and updated at any time. Each policy and protocol contain the effective and revised dates in the header. Faculty, staff, and predoctoral researchers are expected to comply with The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research’s policies as well as with Stowers Institute for Medical Research’s policies detailed internally on ServiceNow. For additional information or questions, please contact the Director of Accreditation & Compliance at



900 Academic Conduct

901 Attendance

902 Dress and Personal Protective Equipment

903 Consumption of Alcohol

904 Technology and Software

905 Medical Insurance

910 Grievance

911 Grading

912 Issue or Complaint Resolution

913 Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment

914 Admissions and Recruitment

915 Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodations

916 Academic Probation and Dismissal

920 Laboratory Entry

921 Master's Degree

930 Education Records Privacy and Release

931 Transcript Issuance

932 Withdrawal

933 Transfer Credit

934 Credit Hours

935 Financial Responsibility and Refund

940 Faculty Bylaws

941 Faculty Governing Council

942 Equal Opportunity

943 Nondiscrimination



10GS COVID-19 Virus Testing

15GS COVID-19 Antibody Testing

20GS COVID-19 Related Personal Information

30GS Care for Individuals Testing Positive for COVID-19 Virus

40GS COVID-19 Contact Tracing

50GS COVID-19 Research Program

100GS Code of Conduct

103GS Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

104GS Coaching and Counseling

108GS Solicitation

109GS Visas

115GS Pay Practices

121GS Parental Leave

127GS Employee Assistance Program

129GS Use of Computers and Phones

130GS Children on Premises

131GS Outside Employment

131GS (F) Outside Employment Form

132GS Response to Anti-Science Incidents

133GS Workplace Violence and Weapons

134GS Equal Opportunity

135GS Personal Relations in the Workplace

136GS Whistleblower and Other Reporting of Misconduct

201GS Intellectual and Other Property, Confidential Information and Nonsolicitation

202GS Financial Conflict of Interest

203GS Fraud

204GS Gift Acceptance

206GS Contracts

207GS Records Retention Management

300GS Purchasing Procedures

301GS Acceptable Vendor List

302GS Vendor Recognition and Award Submission

303G Small Women Owned Business

304GS Competitive Bids and Quotation

400GS Media Relations

401GS Service Mark Usage

402GS Social Media

500GS Business Related Travel and Expenses

600GS Scientific Publication

601GS Honoraria

602GS Scientific Misconduct

603GS Open Source Software

604GS Institutional Animal Care

605GS Recording of Laboratory Data

606GS Material Transfer Agreement

607GS Protocols Involving Human Materials

608GS Additional Ethical

609GS Distribution of Mouse Strains

610GS Records Retention and Management of Scientific Data

701GS Grants

800GS Use of Health Club

801GS Facility Use

802GS Tobacco

803GS Use of the Family Lounge

804GS Vehicle Parking

805GS Emergency Action Plan