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2016 Predoctoral Researchers


Augusto Ortega Granillo

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Sánchez Alvarado Lab

Adventures, whether of the mind or the body, captivate Augusto Ortega Granillo.

Ortega Granillo graduated with a B.S. in biomedical research from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His four-year program allowed him to rotate through three different labs and honed his interest in cell and developmental biology. These rotations took him from classical cell biology to physiology to genomic medicine.

Along the way, Ortega Granillo studied paralogous protein localization in yeast and learned to culture mammalian cells in an effort to study stem cell repair capacity during oxidative stress.

His thesis focused on how muscle differentiation determines the expression of the Fndc5 gene. This gene encodes the precursor of the muscle cytokine Irisin, which increases energy expenditure by stimulating thermogenic respiration in white adipose tissue. Throughout it all, his curiosity about cell structure, cell differentiation, and signal transduction deepened.

As a former Stowers Summer Scholar in the Jaspersen Lab, Ortega Granillo enjoyed the Institute’s balance of creativity, collaboration, efficiency and hard-work. He is glad to return to pursue his passion for hands-on research and bioinformatics as he earns a Ph.D. He finds the idea of “making experiments with my own hands” and exploring the “what ifs” deeply exciting.

When out of the lab, he enjoys travel, sci-fi and epic novels, salsa dancing, hiking, cycling, and scuba diving.