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2017 Predoctoral Researchers


Julia Peloggia

University of São Paulo
Piotrowski Lab

Failure was not something familiar to Julia Peloggia. Always intrigued by biological science, Peloggia entered the University of São Paulo with the idea of becoming a geneticist. However, after a biochemistry course her freshman year turned out to be more difficult than expected, she realized that she would need to focus her efforts and study harder.

Her increased determination to succeed in science led Peloggia to the study of metabolism, especially in mitochondria, and three years of lab research on skin, stem cells and aging. A molecular embryology course further honed her interest in developmental biology and regeneration.

With that early challenge serving as a life lesson and long behind her, Peloggia recently graduated from University of São Paulo, Brazil, with a BS in biological sciences and a desire to pursue a PhD.

Peloggia foresees her time at the Graduate School of the Stowers Institute as an opportunity to learn how to manage research projects effectively and to refine her ability to ask relevant scientific questions. She especially looks forward to her rotations through various labs and the ability to work and learn from people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Having never lived outside Brazil, Peloggia plans to explore Kansas City and the rest of the United States, especially while cycling and off-road driving, as much as possible during her time in the graduate program.