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2015 Predoctoral Researchers


María Bravo Núñez

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Zanders Lab
Characterization of diverged meiotic drivers in fission yeast

As a child growing up in Mexico, María Angélica Bravo Núñez gravitated to science as a way to better understand the world around her. She joined the team of a university immunology laboratory while still in high school, and has worked in a lab setting ever since.

Bravo Núñez earned a BS in genomic sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where she was amazed by the amount of genetic data the labs generated and analyzed, and the insight that the data provided into human health and disease.

In 2011, she explored genomic engineering in the laboratory of David Romero Camarena, PhD, at the Center for Genomic Sciences in Cuernavaca, Mexico. While working in Camarena’s lab, she helped create a genetic biological computer using Bacillus subtilis as a model system for which her team won a top award in the 2012 iGem Latin American Jamboree.

Bravo Núñez moved to Houston in 2013 to work in the laboratory of Susan Rosenberg, PhD, at Baylor College of Medicine, where her research focused on discovering a new class of cancer genes in Escherichia coli.

When one of her college friends joined the lab of a Stowers investigator, Bravo Núñez decided to check out the Institute for herself. Her campus visit and interview sealed the deal. Bravo Núñez is certain that the Stowers Institute will help her grow into a better scientist and a better person.