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2016 Predoctoral Researchers


Qiushuang Wu

Wuhan University
Bazzini Lab

Qiushuang Wu hopes to understand nothing less than the nature of life, on a genetic level, and to change the world. That interest may explain her two loves, biology and cooking.

Wu takes great pleasure in cooking, especially Chinese dishes. She finds the creativity in cooking similar to conducting scientific experiments. “You follow the protocol and get the normal result, but if you add something new, chances are you will get a surprise.”

When she isn’t cooking, Wu wants to research the general mechanisms for transcription regulation.

Wu earned her B.S. in biology from Wuhan University in China in 2016. She first studied synthetic biology, which led her to study a transcription factor in brain glioma. Wu found her initial findings fascinating but wanted to delve deeper, so she next studied codon bias in gene expression and each step of transcription regulation. From these investigations, she developed a better understanding of the general mechanisms of transcription regulation and decided basic science was her passion.

Wu chose the Stowers Institute after a campus visit and interview. She met scientists who put their whole heart into their research, just as she wants to do. The warm, supportive atmosphere convinced her that the Institute is the place for her to broaden her knowledge and her skills in independent research.