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2017 Predoctoral Researchers


Rahul Garg

Indian Institute of Technology
Yu Lab

Rahul Garg began his path to a career in biomedical research with an introductory undergraduate course in physiology his sophomore year in college. The nervous system’s network and complexities in signal processing particularly intrigued him. After completing a small research project on the olfactory system of Aedes aegypti, also known as the yellow fever mosquito, he was hooked.

Between his junior and senior year at college, Garg attended a summer internship at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, where he used two-photon microscopy coupled with analysis of system dynamics and behavioural training to observe how neuronal circuits are involved in decision-making.

Garg would like to continue exploring neuroscience and behavioural biology, with the ultimate goal of helping find cures for neurodegenerative diseases by decoding the inner workings of neural circuitry. Garg believes that the Stowers Institute will be the place to do that. He was drawn to the multidisciplinary environment, the collaboration and the enthusiasm he witnessed during the interview process. He especially looks forward to the lab rotations during his first year as a predoctoral researcher since it will give him a chance to work in areas of research he has not yet experienced.

Garg earned a BTech degree in biological sciences and bioengineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.

In his free time, Garg plays the guitar and enjoys listening to blues and jazz bands. He is a fan of the Real Madrid football (soccer) club.