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2017 Predoctoral Researchers


Raktim Roy

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Si Lab

Raktim Roy is an ambitious young man inspired by his diverse tastes in science, movies, books, and music.

The movies Jurassic Park and Spider-Man and a biography on Albert Einstein ignited Roy’s early interest in science. Science fiction and the superheroes of books and movies drew his attention to science as a youngster, which in turn led him to pursue a BS in biochemistry from Presidency University in Kolkata, India, followed by an MS in molecular biology and genetics at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) in Bangalore.

His studies at JNCASR nurtured his interest in epigenetics and chromatin biology, but a master’s course in transcription and regulation of gene expression really captured his attention. This class proved to be a turning point for Roy. He decided chromatin biology and gene regulation were the future of biology and he wanted to be a part of that future.

While he started reading more about epigenetics, it was a lab rotation focusing on chromatin biology in spermatogenesis that sealed his scientific fate. Roy was officially hooked on the dynamic area of chromatin research.

Then, Stowers Investigator Jerry Workman, PhD, spoke at a conference at JNCASR about his work on gene regulation. Roy was drawn to Workman’s study of chromatin biology as well as his descriptions of the collaborative and open approach to scientific pursuits at the Institute.

When he’s not working to solve scientific mysteries, Roy enjoys computer games, reads science fiction and non-fiction, watches superhero movies, spends time with family, and listens to his favorite music, Mozart and Guns N’ Roses. And he hopes to learn to play the violin soon.