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2017 Predoctoral Researchers


Sharien Fitriasari

University of Missouri
Trainor Lab

Sharien Fitriasari made the most of her undergraduate days. While working on her BS in biochemistry with a minor in business at the University of Missouri at Columbia (MU), she also found time to represent international students and cultures by serving as an officer on the Missouri International Student Council.

She worked 12 to 15 hours a week with her research mentor Erica Majumder in Dr. Judy Wall's laboratory in the MU biochemistry department, focusing on genetic modifications of sulfate-reducing bacteria that would consume toxic metals contaminating the environment. And, in addition to that, she interned two separate summers in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the drug companies Merck and Novartis.

As a life sciences undergraduate intern, Fitriasari learned several techniques including DNA amplification using PCR, self-ligating independent cloning, southern blotting, and colorimetric assay for metal analysis. These experiences examining bacteria-metal interactions solidified her desire to pursue a PhD and a career in research science.

Fitriasari was introduced to the Stowers Institute by a former Stowers summer scholar and was drawn to the institution’s reputation for rigorous science and its cadre of scholars from diverse backgrounds.

Originally from Indonesia, Fitriasari loves to hike and travel. Always one to set big goals for herself, she hopes to visit every country on earth during her lifetime.