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2020 Predoctoral Researchers


Carlos Barradas Chacon

Autonomous University of Queretaro and National Polytechnic University of Mexico

Carlos Barradas Chacon grew up in León, Mexico, where he found peace watching nature documentaries. He received a B.S. in biology in 2016 and completed his M.S. in integrative biology in 2020.

Throughout both degrees, he focused his research on regeneration. For his first thesis, he studied the regeneration capabilities of the giant protozoan Stentor coeruleus. His second thesis centered on the regeneration of salamander limbs. Though he hasn’t worked with it yet, his favorite model organism is Ambystoma mexicanum, the axolotl. Endemic to his home country of Mexico, he says “it’s a charismatic model, and one of the greatest representatives of regeneration among vertebrates.”

With this interest in regeneration, perhaps it is no surprise that it was the work of Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, Ph.D., scientific director at Stowers, that led him to GSSIMR. Sánchez Alvarado, who studies regeneration in planaria, invited Barradas Chacon to visit the Institute in 2019.

Barradas Chacon was pleasantly surprised by what he found at Stowers. He appreciated the environment created by the researchers, with a strong focus on communication. He believes it to be one of the top-rated institutes for scientific collaboration, and is looking forward to interacting with a diverse group of predocs, principal investigators, and technology scientists.

After completing his Ph.D., Barradas Chacon wants to continue improving his skills as a researcher while focusing on developmental biology with an evolutionary perspective. Ideally, he would like to establish his own lab after his postdoc. Apart from research, he enjoys writing, making music, and being outside as much as possible.