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2018 Predoctoral Researchers


Emma Moore

University of Houston
Trainor Lab

Emma Moore caught the research bug during high school when she interned in a marine biology lab. She had always enjoyed science, but this formative experience made her appreciate the level of discussion and thought required to perform research.

After that first lab experience, she continued to find internships that exposed her to research in drug discovery, cancer therapeutics, reproductive tract development, cardiac development, and visualization of preimplantation. Moore found each project fascinating in its own way, but her favorite was when she worked on imaging preimplantation in vivo in the reproductive tract of mice. No one else in her lab had done this before and it required innovation and creativity to find the right imaging and surgical techniques.

Moore graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in biochemical and biophysical sciences with minors in chemistry and human nutrition and food studies.

She is already familiar with the Stowers Institute due to her time as a Stowers Summer Scholar in 2017. She chose Stowers for her graduate program because of its diverse and inclusive community. While here, Moore hopes to develop better communication skills for presenting her research and to learn how to design a research project from concept to final implementation.

As you might expect from someone who has studied both chemistry and human nutrition, Moore enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. She balances her cooking and baking with running and hopes to one day participate in a marathon.