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2019 Predoctoral Researchers


Gabriel da Silva Pescador

Federal University of Santa Catarina

Gabriel da Silva Pescador has been interested in natural sciences since a young age, so when he was introduced to cell biology in high school, he ran with it – all the way to becoming a predoctoral researcher in the Graduate School of the Stowers Institute.

Along his journey, he has taken a few steady leaps. As an undergraduate and master’s student, he studied how epidermal growth factor promotes neural crest cells to become pigmented melanocytes in the quail model organism.

While an undergrad, he spent time at the University of Pittsburgh as an exchange student and worked with fruit flies. He published a paper on Latin American contributions to neural crest research, and worked as a research technician for Marianne Bronner, Ph.D., at Caltech.

da Silva Pescador knew about Stowers because he was familiar with the work of Graduate School Faculty and Stowers Investigator Paul Trainor, Ph.D., and Imaging Center Director Paul Kulesa, Ph.D., on neural crest. When he visited campus, he was encouraged by the enthusiasm of fellow scientists toward their research.

As a predoctoral researcher, da Silva Pescador wants to enhance his scientific thinking to answer relevant questions in developmental biology while working with investigators and predoctoral researchers from different backgrounds. He is excited about his first-year lab rotations and getting hands-on experience in different research areas. He is also looking forward to living in a different part of the U.S. and seeing the similarities and differences between the Midwest and the other areas he has lived.