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2019 Predoctoral Researchers


Kuan-Chih Peng

National Yang-Ming University

When Graduate School Faculty and Investigator Robb Krumlauf, Ph.D., gave a talk in Taiwan, Kuan-Chih Peng was in the audience. He was looking for a Ph.D. program and liked both the science discussed and how the Stowers Institute was described. After the presentation, Krumlauf and Peng had lunch, and Peng’s interest in coming to the Institute grew, which led him to apply to the Graduate School’s predoctoral research program.

Peng has been involved in bench research since he was an undergraduate at Soochow University. He obtained his master’s degree from the National Yang-Ming University which has a cooperative graduate program with Academia Sinica. It was in the lab of Dr. Jun-An Chen at Academia Sinica where Peng performed his master’s thesis research on translational research for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly known as ALS. He has published two papers on his research so far, in Cell Stem Cell and Cell Reports. He believes it is difficult to excel at translational research without thorough knowledge and understanding of basic research. He sees his time in the Graduate School program as an extension of his previous work, and a platform from which to launch his career.

By studying other areas of the life sciences, Peng hopes to get a wide view of possibilities for his career and ultimately become an investigator at a school or research institute, whether it is in neuroscience or another discipline.

Peng was a member of the Soochow University’s volleyball team and hopes to keep playing while in Kansas City. He also wants to experience life in America, including some common pastimes like playing baseball and attending a few Kansas City Royals games.