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2018 Predoctoral Researchers


Luciana Castellano

National University of General San Martin
Bazzini Lab

Everything about nature, from planets to individual cells, interested Luciana Castellano when she was a little girl in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But it was her high school biology and genetics classes that solidified her desire to one day pursue a career in scientific research.

After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biotechnology from the National University of General San Martin in Buenos Aires, Castellano began making her dream career come true with a position as a graduate researcher in the Bazzini Lab at Stowers.

As she now pursues her PhD, Castellano wants to better understand how genes are regulated, especially during cell differentiation and development, and how their malfunction can affect people’s lives. She looks forward to pursuing her own research project as a predoctoral researcher and the opportunity to experience the research in other labs, and learn from people working with different model organisms and novel research techniques during her lab rotations.

Outside the lab, Castellano enjoys playing volleyball and field hockey and looks forward to taking salsa lessons. So far, Kansas City has surprised her with its large green spaces and public sports facilities located throughout the city. One thing she has had to adapt to is the early closing times of restaurants relative to those in Argentina, where dinner starts at 10 pm!