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2019 Predoctoral Researchers


Sarah Gilmour

Hendrix College

Sarah Gilmour took AP biology in high school on a whim – she didn’t like chemistry, but she wanted to take an AP course in science, so why not give biology a try? She soon fell in love with it, and went on to Hendrix College to study biochemistry, which she saw as a perfect fit.

She found out about the Graduate School of the Stowers Institute’s Ph.D. program while doing a summer research fellowship at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where she studied the g-quadruplex formation in the mitochondrial gene.

Gilmour chose Stowers because she liked the program’s focus on research, the size of the Institute, and the opportunity to do research on gene expression. Specifically, she is excited to study how DNA structures and DNA organization affect gene expression and other aspects of a cell.

Gilmour also liked the structure of the predoctoral program and how it includes classroom instruction but then quickly moves to immersive lab work. She hopes to one day have a lab of her own, where she can ask the scientific questions she wants to ask – and discover the answers.

Gilmour grew up in Arizona and went to college in Conway, Arkansas, located outside of Little Rock. She is looking forward to living in Kansas City, and also to experiencing snow for the first time.