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2022 Predoctoral Researchers


Stefanie Williams

Stefanie Williams

Heinrich Heine University, Germany

With a natural inclination for mathematics, Stefanie Williams focused her high school studies on math and engineering, and after graduation began studying medical engineering the University of Duisburg in Essen, Germany. However, a semester course in biochemistry changed that as Williams was immediately fascinated by the biochemical processes of living organisms and how minute changes in those processes can create serious problems. Transferring to the Heinrich Heine University (HHU) in Dusseldorf, Williams changed the focus of her studies and earned an undergraduate degree in biochemistry. 

While undergraduate research is not common in Germany, to hone her experimental skills and prepare for a year of study abroad in the U.S., Williams began a full-time internship in the lab of Wolfgang Hoyer Ph.D., at HHU where she researched amyloid proteins.

With newly acquired research experience, Williams joined the lab of former Stowers Postdoc and Purdue University Associate Investigator Vikki Weake, Ph.D., for a year-long internship where she investigated how changes in methionine metabolism affect histone methylation and degeneration in the eye of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster.

For Williams, both research experiences have further fueled her interest in being a scientist and her time at Stowers where she’ll be “finding the missing pieces of scientific puzzles.”