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2018 Predoctoral Researchers


Yue Liang

Wuhan University
Zeitlinger Lab

Yue Liang comes to the Stowers Institute with a keen interest in studying the complex but flexible structure of chromosomes and their modification.

While earning her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Wuhan University in Hubei, China, Liang spent eight months at the Australian National University’s John Curtin Medical School. There, she studied DNA double-strand breaks and the role histone proteins play in the correct transfer of genetic information. She also attended several lectures on chromatin structure and remodeling as part of this work.

This experience fueled her desire to pursue basic scientific research as a life-long career. Liang is intrigued by cellular molecular mechanisms and the challenge of identifying new ideas and methods for the treatment of disease.

Liang chose Stowers for her predoctoral work because of the cutting-edge research facilities, and because it felt like home when she met with other predoctoral researchers and investigators. Their warmth, friendliness, and love of scientific research made it easy for her to decide to lay the foundation for her scientific future at Stowers.

Eager to share her love of biology, in high school Liang served as an amateur host for a popular science program geared to teenagers on her local television station. This led to opportunities to host several academic reports in college. One day, she would like to host her own science channel!