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2014 Summer Scholars

Another highly motivated group of Stowers Summer Scholars participated in our program in 2014.

Our 31 Scholars hail from 10 states and 6 other countries, representing a total of 30 universities. Our community was enriched by their energy and passion for science. Thank you for making it a great year!

Meet our Summer Scholars:





Poster/ Project Title

Alexandra Voula Arvanitakis

University of Kansas

R. Scott Hawley

The Parthenogenetic Fly Drosophila mercatorum

Theodore C. Brisimitzakis

Rockhurst University

Mike Washburn

Site-Directed Mutagenesis of WDR76 Reveals Important Residues for Function

Alexandria Jane Cockrell

University of Missouri-Kansas City

R. Scott Hawley

A first look at the Smc5 protein
in female Drosophila melanogaster meiosis

Rebecca Ruth Cohen

Middlebury College

Sue Jaspersen

Yeast Protein Interactions with Brr6 at the Nuclear Envelope

John James Desmarais

Middlebury College

Matt Gibson

Integration of tentacle patterning with organismal size during Nematostella development

James Arthur Gallogly

Saint Louis University

Ali Shilatifard

Lysine-to-Methionine Mutation Alters Histone Protein Interactions

Joshua Lee Girson

Tufts University

Julia Zeitlinger

Development of a Drosophila GWAS Pipeline

Benjamín  Hernández Rodríguez

Center for Genomic Sciences

Julia Zeitlinger

Analysis of regulatory regions in tissue specific effector genes

Lisiena  Hysenaj

Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Linheng Li

Lineage tracing in different hematopoietic stem cell populations located in different Niches with Fz8-EGFP-CreERT and Fz7-EGFP-CreERT mouse lines

Grace Catherine Keane

Harvard University

Sue Jaspersen

Investigation of Spindle Pole Body insertion into the inner nuclear

Annika Kruger

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Ali Shilatifard

Histone H3.3 lysine 4-to-methionine mutation to identify novel regulators of H3K4 methylation

Donald Wayne Little III

Purdue University

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado

Exploring the molecular mechanisms of planarian regeneration

Andrew  Lytle

Millersville University

Paul Trainor

Analysis of gene expression in normal and disrupted mouse embryonic development

Nicholas James Mahan

University of Notre Dame

Paul Kulesa

Functional in vitro screen of migratory genes differentially expressed by lead cranial neural crest cells

Tiffany Shang Heng Mak

University of Cambridge

Peter Baumann

Development of reporters for splicing efficiency in S. pombe

Edwin Angelo Morales-Obregon

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Rong Li

Role of Formin 2 in spindle migration during asymmetric cell division in mouse oocytes

Megan Jocelyn Murray

Kansas State University

Robb Krumlauf

LRP4 and WNT regulation

Nicole L Nuckolls

Rockhurst University

R. Scott Hawley

Characterization and mapping of two female meiotic mutants
in Drosophila melanogaster

Kylie Nicole Proctor

Pittsburg State University

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado

Pathogenesis, the Immune System, and Regeneration in Planaria

Sruthi Raja

Centre for Biotechnology AC Tech Anna University

Ron Yu

CRISPR-Cas9n genome editing  to investigate receptor expression in Vomeronasal sensory-Neurons

Ann Elizabeth Sizemore

Boston College

Sue Jaspersen

Studying the Codiffusion of the Secretory Complex Components Through FCCS

Zachary Gavin Tanenbaum

Brown University

Paul Trainor

Analysis of the effects of tp53 inhibition in zebrafish models of Treacher Collins syndrome

Min Tang

Washington University in St. Louis

Ting Xie

Identification of Genes Responsible for Stem Cell Phenotypes

Karla Terrazas

University of Texas at San Antonio

Paul Kulesa

Characterizing the Spatiotemporal Function of Cadherins During Neural Crest Migration

Rebecca Lynn Thornton

Simpson College

Ali Shilatifard

Lysine-to-Methionine Mutation Alters Histone Protein Interactions

Caitlin Noel Vogelsmeier

Metropolitian Community College

Laurence Florens

Analysis of Post-Translational Modifications of P. falciparum histones during the erythrocytic life cycle

Elizabeth Anne-Marie Wells

University of Oklahoma

Linheng Li

Reconstitution of Defective Hematopoietic Stem Cell Populations by miRNA lentiviruses

Wenjing Xu

College of Life Science  Wuhan University

Ron Yu

Exploring the molecular mechanisms of olfactory sensory axon targeting during postnatal development in mouse

Ren Yi

Lanzhou University

Tatjana Piotrowski

notch3 Is Important For Establishing Hair Cell Polarity But Not Differentiation During Embryonic Development And Regeneration In Zebrafish Lateral Line

Yizhen Zhong

Wuhan University

Ting Xie

A New Strategy to Screen the Genes Responsible for Germline Stem Cell Development in Drosophila Melanogaster

Allen Chengzhi Zhu

University of Chicago

Matt Gibson

Overexpression of Type II Receptor Reveals a Necessary Balance of BMP Signaling Receptors