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2016 Summer Scholars

We were thrilled to host our 2016 class of Stowers Summer Scholars. They were a truly excellent group.

Our 23 Scholars hail from 12 states and 5 other countries, representing a total of 23 universities. Our community was enriched by their energy and passion for science. Thank you for making it a great year!

Meet our Summer Scholars:


Scholar University Laboratory Poster/ Project Title
Kaelan Brennan Purdue University Julia Zeitlinger Characterizing the lola-PI mutant phenotype during D. melanogaster development
Isabella Cianciolo University of California, Los Angeles Scott Hawley Determining the structure and function of the synaptonemal complex at paired centromeres
Jack Cooper University of Oxford Paul Kulesa  
Samyukta Dore Bard College Ron Yu Frizzled 1 Interaction With Olfactory Receptors: A Possible Mediator Of Critical Period In Olfaction
Cecilia Gomez Inclan Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Sue Jaspersen Co-localization Study of Inner Nuclear Membrane Foci-Forming Proteins
Devon Jeltema Wheaton College Randal Halfmann Identification of nucleated protein phase transitions in death domains using AmFRET
Meaghan Kennedy Eastern Connecticut State University Jerry Workman The Role of the SAGA Subunit WDA in Drosophila
Shivaani  Krishna SASTRA University Sue Jaspersen Investigation of Spindle Pole Body (SPB) components playing a role in duplication of SPB and microtubule nucleation
Grace Li Haug University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ron Yu Designing a Closed-loop Optogenetics System
Sydney Loethen University of Missouri Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado Link between the microbiome and asexual reproduction in the planaria,Schmidtea Mediterranea
Jugal  Mohapatra Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Jerry Workman Studies on the behavior of modules of the Swi/Snf complex
Jennifer K. Rutkowski Marist College Nicolas Rohner Immune Response of the Astyanax mexicanus
Rebecca Richmond-Smith Cambridge University (St John's College) Nicolas Rohner  
Mandi Severson University of Oregon Robb Krumlauf Characterizing HoxB Gene Expression in DE-b4u-ENE RARE Mutants
Shivani  Sharma Miranda House, Delhi University Kausik Si Temporal and Spatial manipulation of translation factors in Drosophila melanogaster
Madeleine St. Peter Arizona State University Tatjana Piotrowski Defining the role of BMP signaling in hair regeneration and editing the zebrafish genome using CRISPR
Dan Su China Agricultural University Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado  
Abagael Sykes The Royal Veterinary College Nicolas Rohner  
Grace Tapp University of Tulsa Michael Washburn Label-free quantitative proteomic analysis of the S. Cerevisiae Rpd3 complex
Christina Ward University of Saint Mary Linheng Li Functional and Histological Analyses of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and their Niche Network in Bone Marrow
Mason Wilkinson University of Kansas Randal Halfmann Maintaining proteostasis through aggregation
Yue  Yang University of Washington Linheng Li Deep Imaging of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche in Optically Clear Bone
Ruohan  Zhong Zhejiang University Ron Yu