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Our Science

The faculty of The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research provides each predoctoral researcher with guidance and encouragement to support his or her success in a research program and assists with the next step in the young scientist’s career. The faculty includes principal investigators, technology center directors, and research advisors at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. They have earned a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) and are internationally recognized scientists. Each faculty member is considered a leader in his/her field, and many have developed the methodologies that allow much of the current effort in their respective field of study. All faculty have published in top-tier scientific journals, and most are the recipients of one or more prestigious honors or awards. Stowers faculty are experienced in teaching at the graduate level.

Predoctoral researchers have extensive interaction with the faculty during the  module seminars, journal clubs and laboratory sessions. Rotations and thesis research occur in the laboratories of the principal investigators.

Our core facilities are available to all researchers. Effective use of advanced techniques and technologies often requires dedicated expertise. We provide that support explicitly, making us a unique place to pursue your dream project.

Core leaders are the heads of our technology centers; Research Advisors and Genomic Scientists are our expert consultants that work with you to achieve sophisticated research projects in imaging, computation, and genomics.

The Stowers Institute's support facilities encourage collaboration among scientists and foster efficiency in research. Each facility is headed by an expert in the field who works with research teams to offer access to the latest technology and techniques.

Core Facilities
The campus of the Stowers Institute is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced biomedical research facilities ever built. Predoctoral researchers conduct research in laboratories and scientific support facilities that contain standard, common research supplies and equipment as well as specialized equipment as needed by that laboratory or facility. Scientists also share equipment that is housed in common research areas.  

An important cornerstone of the Stowers Institute’s philosophy is to provide a first-rate scientific infrastructure and easy access to the latest technology. Each core is headed by an expert in the field committed to the development, implementation and optimization of cutting-edge methodologies and instrumentation for the benefit of research programs at the institute. The small size of the institute’s research community allows the more than 100 highly trained scientists working in the research support cores to collaborate closely with Stowers investigators – including predoctoral researchers in The Graduate School – and to quickly adjust technical applications and support services to the requirements of individual labs. This not only promotes interdisciplinary research but also enables investigators to take advantage of the readily available expertise to expand their own research into new areas.