Living In Kansas City


The Graduate School is committed to helping predoctoral researchers locate comfortable and affordable housing. Typically, predoctoral researchers find housing in nearby apartment complexes, but there are a wide range of housing options in the Kansas City metro area.


Kansas City

The Greater Kansas City metro area of 2.5 million people spans the Missouri/Kansas border and encompasses several counties. Kansas City, Missouri, is the largest city and home to the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. Kansas City, Kansas, is a smaller city on the west side of the state line. The Greater Kansas City area has one of the fastest-growing job markets in the Midwest, lower business and lifestyle costs than most major metro areas, and a well-educated and productive workforce. It has a newly revitalized downtown urban core, explosive suburban growth, colleges, historic main streets, professional sports teams, abundant shopping, world-class museums of classic and contemporary art, ballet, opera, Broadway shows, and concerts.

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