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2013 Predoctoral Research Scholars



Elisabeth Bauerly
University of Kansas, Lawrence

To paraphrase, if you can read a genetics textbook, thank a teacher. Beth Bauerly certainly does. Her high school biology teacher at Olathe North High School in Kansas instilled in students such a passion for science that Bauerly routinely stayed after school to talk science—in tenth grade. That enthusiasm led her to earn a BS in cell biology in 2010 at the University of Kansas, during which time she did an internship with Stowers Investigator Scott Hawley.

Afterwards, Bauerly considered graduate school but decided she first needed a hands-on test to make sure she had the requisite dedication. Hawley, a Drosophila geneticist, offered her a job as a research technician in his lab, where during the last three years, Bauerly excelled as a researcher and teacher. An author on one paper already, Bauerly is finalizing a first author paper announcing the discovery of accessory chromosomes called B chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster. She also served as a teaching assistant for Hawley in undergraduate genetics classes at the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas.

As a technician, Bauerly has been known for spending long hours in the lab, often as the first to arrive and the last to leave. This summer, at Hawley’s urging, she rested up for the rigors of graduate school by doing something really wild and crazy—leaving work each day after eight rather than twelve hours.