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A new class of predoctoral researchers joins the Stowers Graduate School

Oct 27 2021

Five new predoctoral researchers arrived at the Graduate School in August, ready to immerse themselves in their Ph.D. studies. Their journey begins with four months of course modules before shifting to hands-on research experience. Beginning in January, each predoc will complete three eight-week lab rotations, where they’ll focus on a short-term research project in each lab. At the end of the first year in the program, they’ll begin working full-time in their selected thesis laboratory to develop and execute a research project.

New to the program this year is a Scientific Communication module, which will wrap up the spring term. Thanks to the COVID-19 mitigation efforts put in place at the Stowers Institute, most of the course modules were able to return to in-person learning this year, with just a few lectures held virtually. Meet the new group of predoctoral researchers.

Dung Vuu, Amruta Swaminathan, María José Blanco Salazar, Anna Galligos, Olivia Lawler