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Stowers Institute Overview
Take a look inside one of the world's most innovative basic research environments. The Stowers Institute is a mecca for trailblazing biomedical scientists from every corner of the world - all with the objective of discovering new ways to treat and prevent disease and improve human health.

Stowers Summer Scholars
The Summer Scholars Program at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research offers students with a passion for science the extraordinary opportunity to join a laboratory and immerse themselves in a research topic full-time for a ten-week period to explore a potential career in science.


BIOINFORMATICS: Decoding big data
In a collaborative internship program with the University of Oregon aimed at producing highly trained bioinformaticians, four master’s level students have spent the better part of a year embedded in Stowers labs learning and refining biological, statistical, and computational skills and applying them to biological questions posed by our scientists.

Graduate School Dean's Message
Watch as Investigator and Dean Scott Hawley, PhD introduces prospective predoctoral researchers to The Graduate School at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.




Undergraduate training at the Stowers Institute
Former research interns talk about their experience at the Stowers Institute.

Grad School: A Look Inside

Predocs and Investigators discuss what makes the Stowers Graduate School program different from the rest.


Dampened mTOR signaling
Stowers team links dampened mTOR signaling with the developmental disorder Roberts syndrome.

A flip of the mitotic spindle
Stowers investigators use genetics and live cell imaging to illuminate molecular mechanisms that position the cell division machinery in growing tissues.


Planaria Fission 
Asexual planaria reproduction: The flatworm stretches itself to the breaking point. Each new segment will regenerate into a fully viable individual worm.

The new fly-flipping robot at the Stowers Institute
Stowers Investigator Scott Hawley talks about the new fly-flipping robot recently installed at the Stowers institute for Medical Research