Outreach and Engagement

The Stowers Institute is committed to science education and collaboration within our community. Our goal is to provide opportunities for scientific dialogue that will increase a basic understanding of science and promote scientific literacy.



Teacher-Student Outreach

Our teacher outreach efforts are aimed at enhancing science education in the Kansas City area by empowering teachers through training opportunities and access to industry experts. We foster engaged learners via partnerships with PREP-KC, KC STEM Alliance, and science education powerhouse HHMI BioInteractive. These activities have included participation by Stowers researchers in The Connector, a virtual classroom administered through PREP-KC, that brings real-world skills into the classroom and introduces students to different scientific career paths.

Art and Science

A popular element of the Institute’s public outreach effort has been the traveling scientific image exhibit, Scientific Micro Imaging. This exhibit, hosted by local libraries and schools, features scientific images whose beauty transforms the images into mesmerizing works of art. Although the displays blur the lines between science and art, the images are, indeed, the result of scientific research and provide our scientists with valuable insights into the microscopic structures and processes that occur, often hidden from the naked eye.

Public Education

The BIG IDEAS @ScienceStowers lectures explore how science informs society and inspires our communities. They are our version of TED talks, aiming to bring cutting-edge and provocative scientific ideas in an engaging and accessible way to the greater Kansas City community.

Inspired by the BIG IDEAS @ScienceStowers featuring Manu Prakash, PhD, the Institute built Explore Microscopy, an interactive website that will plunge the science-curious into a microworld. The activities and videos are centered around a make-it-yourself microscope called a Foldscope with an introduction to cutting-edge microscopy at the Stowers Institute.



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