Automation and PCR Technology

The Automation and PCR Technology Team is dedicated to successful, high-quality project collaborations. They assist Institute research by supporting the use of numerous state-of-the-art instruments to enable completion of high-throughput projects and screens. The team provides instrument training, troubleshooting, and experimental design for real time quantitative PCR. They have constructed yeast and bacterial collections, performed high-throughput screens, collaborated with Institute researchers to generate novel technologies, and used instrumentation to make routine laboratory tasks less tedious.

The use of liquid handling and colony manipulation robots automate projects while reducing human error and increasing reproducibility. The team also provides automation expertise and guidance for custom automation projects.



  • Biomek i7 Automated Workstation
  • Tecan Freedom EVO Liquid Handling Robot (2)
  • Qpix 420 Colony Picking Robot
  • Singer RoTor HDA robot
  • Tecan Freedom EVO qPCR Setup Robot
  • QuantStudio 7 Real Time qPCR System
  • QuantStudio 5 Real Time qPCR System
  • Bio-Rad QX200 AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR System
  • Agilent (Advanced Analytical) 5300 Fragment Analyzer System
  • Spectramax iD3 Microplate reader
  • Tecan Infinite 200 PRO Plate Reader
  • Matrical Bioscience SonicMan Plate Sonicator
  • Bio-Rad T-100 Thermal Cyclers (4)
  • S&P Robotics SPImager
  • Integra VIAFLO 96 Benchtop Pipettor


For more information please contact:

Dan Bradford, B.S.
Senior Laboratory Manager, Automation and PCR Technology