Genome Engineering

The Genome Engineering Team at Stowers supports the CRISPR-Cas genome engineering technology in 7+ model organisms including mouse, zebrafish, cavefish, fruit fly, sea anemone, apple snail, and mammalian cultured cells. They provide services for guideRNA design and assembly, donor construct design and assembly, preparation of reagents for injection or electroporation, and engineering of mammalian cell lines. The team uses pooled amplicon sequencing for detection and analysis of mutations in samples. They also provide support for pooled library screens, such as CRISPRi or CRISPRa, through library amplification, validation, and preparation of samples treated in the screen. They are responsible for maintaining and distributing clone and vector library collections to researchers within the Institute.



  • ViaFlo 96
  • MicroPro 300 Benchtop 96 Channel Pipettor
  • MiSeq System
  • LabChip GXII Nucleic Acid Analyzer
  • Maxwell 16 & RSC Instruments


For more information, please contact:

Kym Delventhal
Head, Genome Engineering