The Histology facility is a full-service in-house laboratory dedicated to providing the highest quality histology services. The facility provides paraffin microtomy, cryotomy, vibratome sectioning, plastic sectioning, and histochemical staining. It also offers a large repertoire of immunostaining protocols for adaptation to individual antibodies and sample types, in addition to providing staining for Ki-67, BrdU, GFP, and Cleaved Caspase-3. For researchers wanting to learn how to section or stain their own material, the facility can provide successful protocols and instruction on any of its common-use equipment.


  • VIP 5™ Automatic Tissue Processor
  • Leica 5030S Research Cryostat (2)
  • Microm 500 Cryostat
  • Microm 360 Automated Microtome (2)
  • Leica RM2255 Automated Microtome
  • Leica RM2165 Automated Microtome
  • Biogenex EZ-Retriever™ (microwave)
  • Leica CV5030 Automated Coverslipper
  • Leica AutoStainer XL (ST5010)
  • TBS Paraffin Embedding Center


For more information, please contact:

Yongfu Wang
Head, Histology