The Screening Facility is a state-of-the-art laboratory that performs high-throughput screening of genomic (cDNA and siRNA) and compound libraries. The facility assists investigators with the development of assays based on current as well as novel technologies and the design of biologically relevant primary, secondary and counter-screens. A multitude of assay endpoints are supported including: high-content imaging, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, time-resolve fluorescence, luminescence, alphascreen and absorbance. Potential screening assays are first miniaturized and automated prior to testing their integrity on small test collections. Full library screens are executed using ready-made genomic screening collection sets or by adding a single compound dose followed by data analysis and hit identification. Finally, validation and counterscreens are performed to determine the rank order hit list.


The Screening Facility utilizes the following equipment for assay development and execution of high-throughput genomic and compounds screens:

  • Tecan Evo 200 liquid handling workstation integrated with a Tecan Infinity plate reader and Biotek EL406 plate washer and dispenser
  • PerkinElmer Operetta high content imager with environmental chamber integrated with a robotic arm to transfer plates from a Liconic 200 plate ambient carousel
  • IDEX Nanodrop II low volume liquid dispenser
  • Biotek Multiflo liquid dispenser with peristaltic pump and syringe injection systems
  • PerkinElmer Envision multimodal plate reader
  • Hudson Platecrane Ex integrated with a Hudson automated barcode printer, plate carousel and Alps 3000 heat sealer
  • Matrix Platemate Plus automated pipetting workstation with 384 AD, 96 AD and 384 syringe PD nanoliter dispensing heads


For more information, please contact

Julie Conkright