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Supporting the scientific spirit of transparency, the Stowers Institute for Medical Research makes the data underlying its scientific publications freely accessible to the scientific community. Access to original, unprocessed data allows other scientists to validate and extend findings made by Stowers researchers.


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Contribution of Orb2A Stability in Regulated Amyloid-Like Oligomerization of Drosophila Orb2.

White-Grindley E, Li L, Mohammad Khan R, Ren F, Saraf A, Florens L, Si K. PLoS Biol. 2014;12:e1001786.

Intestinal subepithelial myofibroblasts support the growth of intestinal epithelial stem cells.

Lei NY, Jabaji Z, Wang J, Joshi VS, Brinkley GJ, Khalil H, Wang F, Jaroszewicz A, Pellegrini M, Li L, Lewis M, Stelzner M, Dunn JC, Martin MG. PLoS One. 2014;9:e84651.

The MLL3/MLL4 Branches of the COMPASS Family Function as Major Histone H3K4 Monomethylases at Enhancers.

Hu D, Gao X, Morgan MA, Herz HM, Smith ER, Shilatifard A. Mol Cell Biol. 2013;33:4745-4754.

The Mll2 branch of the COMPASS family regulates bivalent promoters in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Hu D, Garruss AS, Gao X, Morgan MA, Cook M, Smith ER, Shilatifard A. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2013;20:1092-1097.

Maternal imprinting at the H19-Igf2 locus maintains adult haematopoietic stem cell quiescence.

Venkatraman A, He XC, Thorvaldsen JL, Sugimura R, Perry JM, Tao F, Zhao M, Christenson MK, Sanchez R, Yu JY, Peng L, Haug JS, Paulson A, Li H, Zhong XB, Clemens TL, Bartolomei MS, Li L. Nature. 2013;500:345-349.

A conserved role for atlastin GTPases in regulating lipid droplet size

Klemm RW, Norton JP, Cole RA, Li CS, Park SH, Crane MM, Li L, Jin D, Boye-Doe A, Liu TY, Shibata Y, Lu H, Rapoport TA, Farese RV, Jr., Blackstone C, Guo Y, Mak HY.  Cell Rep.2013;3:1465-1475.

Isolation and characterization of intestinal stem cells based on surface marker combinations and colony-formation assay.

Wang F, Scoville D, He XC, Mahe MM, Box A, Perry JM, Smith NR, Lei NY, Davies PS, Fuller MK, Haug JS, McClain M, Gracz AD, Ding S, Stelzner M, Dunn JC, Magness ST, Wong MH, Martin MG, Helmrath M, Li L. Gastroenterology. 2013;145:383-395 e321.

Radiofrequency ablation for dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus restores beta-catenin activation within esophageal progenitor cells.

Krishnan K, Komanduri S, Cluley J, Dirisina R, Sinh P, Ko JZ, Li L, Katzman RB, Barrett TA. Dig Dis Sci. 2012;57:294-302.

Noncanonical wnt signaling maintains hematopoietic stem cells in the niche.

Sugimura R, He XC, Venkatraman A, Arai F, Box A, Semerad C, Haug JS, Peng L, Zhong XB, Suda T, Li L. Cell. 2012;150:351-365.

FGF signaling facilitates post-injury recovery of mouse hematopoietic system.

Zhao M, Ross JT, Itkin T, Perry JM, Venkatraman A, Haug JS, Hembree MJ, Deng CX, Lapidot T, He XC, Li L. Blood. 2012;120:1831-1842.

Codependency of H2B monoubiquitination and nucleosome reassembly on Chd1.

Lee JS, Garrett AS, Yen K, Takahashi YH, Hu D, Jackson J, Seidel C, Pugh BF, Shilatifard A. Genes Dev. 2012; 26:914-919.

Critical Role of Amyloid-like Oligomers of Drosophila Orb2 in the Persistence of Memory.

Majumdar A, Cesario WC, White-Grindley E, Jiang H, Ren F, Khan MR, Li L, Choi EM, Kannan K, Guo F, Unruh J, Slaughter B, Si K. Cell. 2012;148:515-529.

Effects of a 28-Day Cage-Change Interval on Intracage Ammonia Levels, Nasal Histology, and Perceived Welfare of CD1 Mice.

Vogelweid CM, Zapien KA, Honigford MJ, Li L, Li H, Marshall H. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2011;50:868-878.

Cooperation between both Wnt/ß-catenin and PTEN/PI3K/Akt signaling promotes primitive hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and expansion.

Perry JM, He XC, Sugimura R, Grindley JC, Haug JS, Ding S, Li L. Genes Dev. 2011;25:1928-1942.

The Wnt antagonist Dkk1 regulates intestinal epithelial homeostasis and wound repair

Koch S, Nava P, Addis C, Kim W, Denning TL, Li L, Parkos CA, Nusrat A. Gastroenterology. 2011;141:259-268, 268 e251-258.

Kit-Shp2-Kit signaling acts to maintain a functional hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell pool.

Zhu HH, Ji K, Alderson N, He Z, Li S, Liu W, Zhang DE, Li L, Feng GS. Blood. 2011;117:5350-5361.

MicroRNA programs in normal and aberrant stem and progenitor cells

Arnold CP, Tan R, Zhou B, Yue SB, Schaffert S, Biggs JR, Doyonnas R, Lo MC, Perry JM, Renault VM, Sacco A, Somervaille T, Viatour P, Brunet A, Cleary ML, Li L, Sage J, Zhang DE, Blau HM, Chen C, Chen CZ.  Genome Res. 2011;21:798-810.

JAM-A regulates epithelial proliferation through Akt/b-catenin signalling

Nava P, Capaldo CT, Koch S, Kolegraff K, Rankin CR, Farkas AE, Feasel ME, Li L, Addis C, Parkos CA, Nusrat A. EMBO Rep. 2011;12:314-320.

Inducible expression of Runx2 results in multiorgan abnormalities in mice

He N, Xiao Z, Yin T, Stubbs J, Li L. J Cell Biochem. 2011;112:653-665.

Abnormal Wnt signaling and stem cell activation in reactive lymphoid tissue and low-grade marginal zone lymphoma.

Zhang D, O'Neil M F, Cunningham MT, Fan F, Olyaee M, Li L. Leuk Lymphoma. 2010;51:906-910.

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Visualize eHPCs in different zones.

Yin T, Xie Y, Li L. Blood. 2009;114:230-231.

PTEN in Hematopoietic and Intestinal Stem Cells and Cancer

Ross JT, Scoville DH, He X, Li L. PTEN in Hematopoietic and Intestinal Stem Cells and Cancer. In: B Teicher, Bagley, R., ed. Stem Cells and Cancer: Humana Press; 2008:59-73.

Current View: Intestinal Stem Cells and Signaling

Scoville DH, Sato T, He XC, Li L. Gastroenterology.2008;134:849-864.

Does 'Immortal DNA strand' exist in 'immortal' stem cells?

Li L. Does 'Immortal DNA strand' exist in 'immortal' stem cells? Cell Res. 2007;17:834-835.

Stem Cell Niche: Microenvironment and Beyond

Zhang J, Li L. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:9499-9503.

Disrupting the Stem Cell Niche: Good Seeds in Bad Soil

Perry JM, Li L. Cell.2007;129:1045-1047.

Intestinal Stem Cells in Physiologic Regeneration and Disease

Smith S, Neaves W, Teitelbaum S, Scoville DH, He XC, Lee G, Sato T, Barrett TA, Li L. Principles of Developmental Genetics. Burlington, MA: Elsevier Academic Press; 2007:1004-1022.

Stem cells and their niche: an inseparable relationship

Xie T, Li L. Development.2007;134:2001-2006.

Normal stem cells and cancer stem cells: the niche matters

Li L, Neaves WB. Cancer Res.2006;66:4553-4557.

Understanding hematopoietic stem-cell microenvironments

Li Z, Li L. Trends Biochem Sci.2006;31:589-595.

The stem cell niches in bone

Yin T, Li L. J Clin Invest.2006;116:1195-1201.

Cellular and molecular regulation of hematopoietic and intestinal stem cell behavior

He XC, Zhang J, Li L. Book Chapter forAnn Rev Cell Dev Biol; In: Stem Cell Biology: Development and Plasticity; 2005;1049:28-38.

Stem cell niche: structure and function

Li L, Xie T. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol.2005;17:605-631.

CBF Beta

Zhang J, Grindley JC, Yin T, Jayasinghe S, He XC, Ross JT, Haug JS, Rupp D, Porter-Westpfahl KS, Wiedemann LM, Wu H, Li L. Nature.2006;441:519-522.

Bridging the BMP and Wnt pathways by PI3 kinase/Akt and 14-3-3zeta

Tian Q, He XC, Hood L, Li L. Cell Cycle.2005;4:215-216.

BMP signaling and stem cell regulation

Zhang J, Li L. Dev Biol.2005;284:1-11.

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