Advancing Internal Dialogue

In what has become an annual event, Stowers members converged on the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center for two days in September. The 12th Young Investigators Science Retreat (YISR) provided young scientists an opportunity for growth by sharing their work. An Institute-wide event, YISR also promotes internal collaboration through scientific dialogue and fosters a wider sense of community.

YISR features short talks and poster presentations primarily by predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers and staff scientists. These opportunities allow trainees and other scientists to gain confidence in their presentation strengths and provide important feedback from fellow researchers and mentors through questions and answers, and poster discussions.

The event was highlighted by keynote speaker Jesper Svejstrup, PhD, who delivered the Jim Stowers Memorial Lecture titled “Transcription and the Response to DNA Damage.” Dr. Svejstrup is a group leader at the Francis Crick Institute in London, where his lab studies the molecular mechanisms of transcription and how transcription interacts with processes such as DNA repair, replication, and recombination.

YISR is sponsored by the Crossroads Committee which is comprised of students, postdoctoral researchers, and core and staff scientists. The committee also organizes professional development workshops throughout the year.